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Diesel Motorsports is an endless, vicious cycle. You pour blood, sweat and tears into building the truck of your dreams - whether it's a daily driver or a competition monster. You get the paint just so, the tuning precise and the stance perfect. Then you tear it all down and start over. It's a labor of love. Hopefully you were able to get a magazine feature before the parts sale began. If you are here you probably did.

Instead of letting those covers and feature layouts get trashed or lost -we can make you a professional, preserved, display copy of your magazine feature. We start we a clean original copy of the feature from the publisher, this ensures a perfect splice - double mat the pages and mount them to a gorgeous 3/4" wood base (heat-sealed to preserve and protect the print). Diesel Powered The outside edges are beveled and trimmed to match the matting, giving the piece a picture frame effect. At the bottom is a custom engraving which reads: year/make/model, your name as the owner/builder, the magazine logo and the issue date. Because we work with the publishers - we get original copies of the features and produce the finest plaques in the industry.

We can mount:

  • Magazine covers
  • Feature layouts
  • DVD Jackets/disk
  • Awards
  • Showboard for trucks shows
  • Online magazines

If you have a favorite cover or feature that you would like to preserve and display - please contact me for a free quote. Even if you don't have the issue anymore - I can probably track it down for you. Have another idea for a project? I'm all ears - when it comes to the mounting and lamination services we can provide, the sky is the limit. 

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